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大台灣旅遊網2018年4月27日 星期四
Al Kasir Group推出區塊鏈鑽石交易

阿聯杜拜--(美國商業資訊)-- Sheikh Ahmad Bin Obaid Al Maktoum L.L.C.殿下私人辦公室成員、Sheikh Ahmad Bin Obaid Al Maktoum L.L.C.、AL KASIR JEWELLERY TRADING L.L.C.和AL KASIR PORTAL L.L.C. 宣佈,推出區塊鏈鑽石交易。這三大區塊鏈資產由鑽石提供背書,儲存於非常安全的數位區塊鏈錢包中。


該活動於2018年4月15日在帆船酒店舉行,私人辦公室和Al Kasir Group管理層出席了這次活動。嘉賓包括Shehab Bin Nouri、Walid Bin Nouri和Mohammed Aljariri。一同出席的還有印度首要經濟學家Sharad Koli博士和其他40名貴賓,以及140多家國際媒體。

Al Kasir Group是Amit Lakhanpal博士與Sheikh Ahmad Bin Obaid Al Maktoum殿下私人辦公室成立的合資企業。

Lakhanpal博士是印度企業家,也是Money Trade Coin Group、 愛沙尼亞的主要加密貨幣交易所和錢包服務提供者cointradingplatform.com的創辦人兼執行長,並且是《加密貨幣世界》(The World of Crypto Currency)一書的作者。他還是房地產開發代理商 Flintstone Group和活動代理商FlintBeats的行銷總監 。

由印度鑽石與寶石學研究所(IDGI)認證的鑽石提供背書,這三大區塊鏈資產首次面世。AL MAS、AL HAQEEK與AL FALAH由真實世界的資產提供背書,而且其價值與基本度量掛鉤,因此十分安全、便捷且容易儲存和轉換價值。這一由資產提供背書的特徵,讓區塊鏈資產有別於加密貨幣。







*來源: AETOSWire




Al Kasir Group
Kalpana Desai, +971581158077

Money Trade Coin Group創辦人兼執行長Amit Lakhanpal博士和Sheikh Ahmed Bin Obaid Al Maktoum 殿下私人辦公室公司董事Mohammed Al Jariri以及其他高官(照片: AETOSWire)

Fri, 27 Apr 2018 10:04:00
Gemalto First Quarter 2018 Revenue

First quarter revenue at €650 million, up +8% at constant exchange rates
Double-digit revenue growth in Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment
Slower rate of revenue decrease in Smartcards & Issuance segment
2018 full year outlook confirmed
On March 27, 2018 Thales launched its offer for all Gemalto shares


Regulatory News:

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 - GTO), the world leader in digital security today announces its revenue for the first quarter of 2018.










Revenue (€ in millions)


First quarter 2018


First quarter 2017


Change at constant

exchange rates


Change at historical

exchange rates


Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity










Smartcards & Issuance





















Philippe Vallée, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Gemalto grew well this quarter driven by a solid increase in the Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment that more than offset the anticipated revenue decrease in the Smartcards & Issuance segment.

During the quarter, commercial synergies with the newly acquired Identity Management business began to kick in and resulted in milestone wins in Governments. Gemalto also announced the launch of two ground-breaking laser-personalized innovations designed to significantly increase the security of passports and IDs. The Cybersecurity business grew well in Europe in anticipation of GDPR1 implementation and more broadly as organizations increase their focus on data privacy and data security. The IoT business posted an outstanding performance, as large deployments for connected health devices, smart payment and connected cars continue to reflect the growing adoption of IoT technology in industrial applications.

In parallel, Gemalto pursued its focus on profit margin in the Smartcards & Issuance segment adjusting its cost-base and business priorities to the market dynamics.

These evolutions, in line with our expectations, are a first step resulting from the strategic choices we have made for the Company. They provide us with a solid foundation to deliver on our 2018 objectives.

On March 27, Thales launched its offer for all Gemalto shares, an offer unanimously supported by Gemalto’s Board of Directors.”
1 General Data Protection Regulation

Basis of preparation of financial information

Segment information

The Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment comprises businesses associated with homeland security for governments (“Governments”), IoT connectivity for industrial applications (“IoT”) and cybersecurity for enterprises (“Cybersecurity”).

The Smartcards & Issuance segment comprises businesses mainly associated with removable SIM cards (“SIM”), payment cards (“Payment”) and their issuance services. The segment includes as well businesses associated to the digital transformation of smart cards (“Digital”) such as digital payment, digital banking, remote subscription management, embedded SIM/MIM and embedded secure elements. Patents business is also included in this segment.

Historical exchange rates and constant currency figures

The Company sells its products and services in a very large number of countries and is commonly remunerated in other currencies than the Euro. Fluctuations in these other currencies exchange rates against the Euro have in particular a translation impact on the reported Euro value of the Company revenues. Comparisons at constant exchange rates aim at eliminating the effect of currencies translation movements on the analysis of the Group revenue by translating prior-year revenues at the same average exchange rate as applied in the current year. Revenue variations are at constant exchange rates and include the impact of currencies variation hedging program, except where otherwise noted. All other figures in this press release are at historical exchange rates, except where otherwise noted.

Adjusted income statement and profit from operations (PFO) non-GAAP measure

The consolidated financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and with section 2:362(9) of the Netherlands Civil Code.

To better assess its past and future performance, the Company also prepares an adjusted income statement where the key metric used to evaluate the business and make operating decisions over the period 2010 to 2018 is the profit from operations (PFO).

PFO is a non-GAAP measure defined as IFRS operating profit adjusted for (i) the amortization and impairment of intangibles resulting from acquisitions, (ii) restructuring and acquisition-related expenses, (iii) all equity-based compensation charges and associated costs; and (iv) fair value adjustments upon business acquisitions. These items are further explained as follows:

  • Amortization, and impairment of intangibles resulting from acquisitions are defined as the amortization, and impairment expenses related to intangibles assets and goodwill recognized as part of the allocation of the excess purchase consideration over the share of net assets acquired.
  • Restructuring and acquisitions-related expenses are defined as (i) restructuring expenses which are the costs incurred in connection with a restructuring as defined in accordance with the provisions of IAS 37 (e.g. sale or termination of a business, closure of a plant,…), and consequent costs; (ii) reorganization expenses defined as the costs incurred in connection with headcount reductions, consolidation of manufacturing and offices sites, as well as the rationalization and harmonization of the product and service portfolio and the integration of IT systems, consequent to a business combination; and (iii) transaction costs (such as fees paid as part of an acquisition process).
  • Equity-based compensation charges are defined as (i) the discount granted to employees acquiring Gemalto shares under Gemalto Employee Stock Purchase plans; (ii) the amortization of the fair value of stock options and restricted share units granted by the Board of Directors to employees; and the related costs.
  • Fair value adjustments over net assets acquired are defined as the reversal, in the income statement, of the fair value adjustments recognized as a result of a business combination, as prescribed by IFRS3R. Those adjustments are mainly associated with (i) the amortization expense related to the step-up of the acquired work-in-progress and finished goods assumed at their realizable value and (ii) the amortization of the cancelled commercial margin related to deferred revenue balance acquired.

These non-GAAP financial measures are not meant to be considered in isolation or as a substitute for comparable IFRS measures and should be read only in conjunction with our consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS.

In the adjusted income statement, Operating Expenses are defined as the sum of Research and Engineering expenses, Sales and Marketing expenses, General and Administrative expenses, and Other income (expense) net.

EBITDA is defined as PFO plus depreciation and amortization expenses, excluding the above amortization and impairment of intangibles resulting from acquisitions.

Net debt and net cash

Net debt is a non IFRS measure defined as total borrowings net of cash and cash equivalents. Net cash is a non IFRS measure defined as cash and cash equivalents net of total borrowings.

All figures presented in this press release are unaudited.

Segment information

Gemalto posted revenue of €650 million, increasing by +8% at constant exchange rates, flat at historical exchange rates from the same period of last year. Excluding the €35 million contribution from the Identity Management Business, Gemalto’s revenue grew +3% at constant exchange rates. The Company’s return to top line growth is supported by strong revenue increase in the Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment.

Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity








€ in millions


First quarter 2018


First quarter 2017


Change at constant

exchange rates











The identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment’s revenue came in at €293 million, increasing +24% compared to the previous year. The backlog in this segment continued to increase driven by solid wins across the businesses.

In the first quarter, the Governments business posted very strong revenue growth compared with the same period of last year. The positive evolution was due to the contribution of the Identity Management Business and initial deliveries of its core solutions to Gemalto’s historical customers. In addition, a significant project using biometric technology was won in the banking sector. It will enable deployment of commercial biometric solutions on a large scale, increasing consumers’ protection in their day-to-day transactions. The increase in passport revenue was solid this quarter, driven by major customers in Europe and Asia while taking into account softer deliveries in the Middle East. Gemalto also announced the launch of two new laser-personalized innovations designed to further increase the security of official identity documents such as national ID cards and passports. The highly sophisticated enhancements are designed to counter forgery while remaining convenient for officials to verify document authenticity of legitimate card-holders. Overall, Gemalto is well positioned to seize the growing opportunities of this market.

The Cybersecurity business delivered a solid performance this quarter. This was driven by a growing number of deployments of encryption and key management software in Europe in anticipation of the May 2018 EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and more broadly as data privacy and data security continue to be a key focus for organizations in light of industry compliance standards such as the US health standard (HIPAA) or payment card standard (PCI-DSS).The software monetization sub-business also grew strongly supported by large projects in Europe and Asia. These developments largely offset the revenue decrease in the authentication sub-business line resulting from the ongoing shift in its product mix from hardware to software.

The IoT business posted an outstanding performance in the first quarter. The increase was driven by strong deliveries in Europe and Asia to large customers in a variety of key industrial sectors that extend Gemalto’s traditional strong foothold in the automotive market. In the field of connected health in particular, Gemalto’s products are playing a decisive role in enhanced medical workflow automation, better analytics for disease management and improved out-patient health monitoring. Security and scalability remain the key criteria for implementation of IoT applications, and new design wins recorded this quarter reflect Gemalto’s strong position across key industrial sectors and ability to cater to the sustained market demand.

Smartcards & Issuance








€ in millions


First quarter 2018


First quarter 2017


Change at constant

exchange rates











The Smartcards & Issuance segment posted revenue of €357 million, (2%) lower at constant exchange rates.

The payment business stabilized this quarter. Sales in Americas decreased by (5%) compared with (34%) in the first quarter of 2017, as the US EMV market continued to gradually normalize. Additionally, the CIS and Middle East regions posted strong performances on the back of large payment card deployments. The SIM business remained under pressure. SIM revenue declined this quarter as low profit-margin opportunities in South Asia were dismissed, in line with the stable profit margin objective set for this business. As part of the transition plan, Gemalto also decided this quarter to exit a specific low-end removable SIM market, cutting its dedicated resources and products for that market.

The Digital business recorded slightly lower revenue year-on-year as growth in mobile services were more than offset by a decrease in payment services. Connectivity solutions deployments increased in key sectors of the IoT market while the need for On Demand Connectivity (ODC) services is now gradually spreading to all regions and mobile network operators. In particular, Gemalto announced a partnership with Korea Telecom to provide its ODC solution and embedded SIM (eSIM) to automobile manufacturers enabling in-vehicle connected services. The revenue reduction in payment services partly resulted from the discontinuation of a business as part of the transition plan.

Thales combination

In December 2017 Thales and Gemalto reached an agreement on a recommended all-cash offer for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Gemalto. This offer was launched on March 27, 2018. We are working together with Thales towards achieving the regulatory and antitrust approvals required to complete the transaction. The transaction is expected to close shortly after Thales has secured all customary regulatory approvals and clearances, which is envisaged for the second half of 2018. More information on the Thales offer and the integration can be found on our website at Public Offer by Thales

2018 full year outlook confirmed

  • Double digit revenue growth expected in the Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity segment
  • Stable PFO margin expected in the Smartcards & Issuance segment
  • Mid to High single digit growth in profit from operations expected at Gemalto level

Additional information

Below is a highlight of new contracts and achievements published by the Company in the first quarter of 2018





Identity, IoT & Cybersecurity


January 9, 2018


Gemalto LTE-M wireless module earns AT&T certification expanding highly efficient cellular
connectivity for IoT devices

January 16, 2018


Gemalto and Ponemon Institute Study: Big gaps emerge between countries on attitudes toward
data protection in the cloud

February 11, 2018


Gemalto high speed passport readers for Cairo International Airport

February 27, 2018


Gemalto enables swift and secure creation of trusted Digital Identities

March 21, 2018


Gemalto unveils two new enhanced security features for ID documents





Smartcards & Issuance


January 4, 2018


Gemalto launches the first biometric EMV card for contactless payments

January 16, 2018


Ghana speeds up EMV migration with PURE payment technology

January 31, 2018


Gemalto’s Discovery Service boosts on-demand connectivity activation for consumer devices

February 27, 2018


Telefonica Deutschland selects Gemalto solution to deliver identity verification service

March 6, 2018


Korea Telecom selects Gemalto to deliver out-of-box connectivity for connected cars

March 19, 2018


Dai Nippon Printing chooses Gemalto’s biometric facial recognition solution to facilitate mobile
banking access in Japan



Live Audio Webcast and Conference call

Gemalto first quarter 2018 revenue presentation will be webcast in English today at 3:00 PM Amsterdam and Paris time (2:00 PM London time and 9:00 AM New York time).

Audio webcast

A listen-only live audio webcast of the presentation and the Q&A session will be accessible here on our Investor Relations website via the link below:

Gemalto webcast

This webcast is compatible with Android and iOS terminals, including iPads. Questions will be taken by way of conference call.

Conference call

Investors and financial analysts wishing to ask questions should join the presentation by dialing:

(UK) +44 330 336 9411 or (US) +1 323 994 2085 or (FR) +33 1 7677 2257

PIN: 8903156

The accompanying presentation slide set that will be used during the conference call is available on Gemalto investor relations web site.

Replays of the presentation and Q&A session will be available in webcast format on our Investor Relations web site approximately 3 hours after the conclusion of the presentation. Replays will be available for one year.


Gemalto N.V. will hold its 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) on Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10:00 AM Amsterdam and Paris time at the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Schiphol Boulevard 701, 1118 BN Schiphol, the Netherlands. This general meeting of shareholders will also be the general meeting where the Board of Directors explains the recommended cash offer from Thales S.A. as required pursuant to the Dutch Decree on Public Takeover Bids. The persons entitled to attend and cast votes at the AGM will be those who are recorded as having such rights after the close of trading on the relevant Euronext stock exchange on April 20, 2018 (the “Record Date”) in Gemalto’s shareholders register, or in a register of a financial institution affiliated to Euroclear France S.A., regardless of whether they are shareholders at the time of the AGM.

Publication of 2018 second quarter revenue and first semester earnings: August 31, 2018

Stock Exchange Listing

Gemalto N.V. is dual listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Paris, in the compartment A (Large Caps).










Dual listing on Euronext Amsterdam and Paris

Market of reference


Euronext Amsterdam












Gemalto has also established a sponsored Level I American Depository Receipt (ADR) Program in the United States since November 2009. Each Gemalto ordinary share is represented by two ADRs. Gemalto’s ADRs trade in U.S. dollar and give access to the voting rights and to the dividends attached to the underlying Gemalto shares. The dividends are paid to investors in U.S. dollar, after being converted into U.S. dollar by the depository bank at the prevailing rate.







Sponsored Level I ADR




Ratio (ORD:DR)








36863N 208



This press release contains inside information as referred to in article 7 paragraph 1 of Regulation (EU) 596/2014 (Market Abuse Regulation).

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) is the global leader in digital security, with 2017 annual revenues of €3 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world.

From secure software to biometrics and encryption, our technologies and services enable businesses and governments to authenticate identities and protect data so they stay safe and enable services in personal devices, connected objects, the cloud and in between.

Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things. We authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and create value for software – enabling our clients to deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things.

Our 15,000 employees operate out of 114 offices, 40 personalization and data centers, and 35 research and software development centers located in 47 countries.

For more information visit
www.gemalto.com, or follow @gemalto on Twitter.

This communication does not constitute an offer to purchase or exchange or
the solicitation of an offer to sell or exchange any securities of Gemalto.

This communication contains certain statements that are neither reported financial results nor other historical information and other statements concerning Gemalto. These statements include financial projections and estimates and their underlying assumptions, statements regarding plans, objectives and expectations with respect to future operations, events, products and services and future performance. Forward-looking statements are generally identified by the words "expects", "anticipates", "believes", "intends", "estimates" and similar expressions. These and other information and statements contained in this communication constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of applicable securities laws. Although management of the Company believes that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, investors and security holders are cautioned that

forward-looking information and statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and generally beyond the control of the Company, that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed in, or implied or projected by the forward-looking information and statements, and the Company cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those estimated by the forward-looking statements contained in this communication include, but are not limited to: trends in wireless communication and mobile commerce markets; the Company's ability to develop new technology and the effects of competing technologies developed; effects of the intense competition in the Company's main markets; challenges to or loss of intellectual property rights; ability to establish and maintain strategic relationships in its major businesses; ability to develop and take advantage of new software, platforms and services; profitability of the expansion strategy; effects of acquisitions and investments; ability of the Company's to integrate acquired businesses, activities and companies according to expectations; ability of the Company to achieve the expected synergies from acquisitions; and changes in global, political, economic, business, competitive, market and regulatory forces. Moreover, neither the Company nor any other person assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this communication speak only as of the date of this communication and the Company or its representatives are under no duty, and do not undertake, to update any of the forward-looking statements after this date to conform such statements to actual results, to reflect the occurrence of anticipated results or otherwise except as required by applicable law or regulations.


Revenue by region










€ in millions


First quarter 2018


First quarter 2017


Year-on-year variation at
constant exchange rates


Year-on-year variation at
historical exchange rates
































Total revenue











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Corporate Communication
Isabelle Marand
Ms.: +33 6 1489 1817
Media Relations Agency
Suzanne Bakker
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Fri, 27 Apr 2018 10:00:00
WaveOptics與EV Group合作以推動擴增實境(AR)設備的規模化製造


倫敦--(美國商業資訊)--全球領先的衍射波導設計者和製造商WaveOptics今天宣布與晶圓接合和奈米壓印微影設備的領先供應商EV Group (EVG)合作,以當今業界最低的成本將高性能擴增實境波導產品推向大眾市場。波導是AR穿戴式裝置的關鍵光學元件。

WaveOptics執行長David Hayes評論道:




EVG公司技術開發和智慧財產權總監Markus Wimplinger補充道:

「我們為攻克最複雜的挑戰而不斷開發新技術和新製程,幫助我們的客戶成功實現新產品創意的商品化。為了擴大我們領先的奈米壓印微影(NIL)技術在市場中的滲透率,我們建立了NILPhotonics技術研發中心(NILPhotonics Competence Center)






關於EV Group


EVG還建立了NILPhotonic技術研發中心(NILPhotonics Competence Center)。透過確保保護我們客戶智慧財產權的強大政策,加上EVG在NIL領域的專業知識、世界級基礎架構和EVG作為可靠的量產系統供應商的實力,讓NILPhotonic技術研發中心成為新型光子元件理想的開發和商品化平臺。EV Group成立於1980年,為遍佈世界各地、範圍廣泛的全球客戶和合作夥伴提供服務與支援。如需瞭解有關EVG的更多資訊,請造訪www.EVGroup.com




Instinctif Partners代表WaveOptics
Adrian Duffield/Chantal Woolcock
+44 20 7457 2077

Fri, 27 Apr 2018 09:45:00

東京和加州庫帕提諾--(美國商業資訊)--日本電氣株式會社(NEC Corporation)(NEC; TOKYO: 6701)今天宣布在加州矽谷中心的庫帕提諾市成立dotData公司,開發和向全球提供使用人工智慧(AI)實現資料科學過程自動化的軟體。

dotData將任命Ryohei Fujimaki博士為執行長,他是預測分析自動化這一核心AI技術(*1)的開發領導者,也是dotData的創辦人之一。



NEC資深副總裁Osamu Fujikawa表示:「NEC在2018年1月份宣布了其2020年中期管理計畫,作為該計畫『重組執行能力』中『加強業務開發能力』的一部分,NEC現在正透過創立不同的聯盟加速其具有競爭力的技術的貨幣化。dotData的建立是NEC這種業務強化的首次實施,也是NEC獨特的策略分割計畫,讓核心技術的領導者成為新公司的創辦人,以新創公司的形式幫助加速技術的貨幣化。展望未來,NEC將繼續推動可以加強我們業務開發能力的創新措施。」






NEC Corporation
Joseph Jasper

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 18:15:00
Mobile Factory關於區塊鏈業務的概述及未來展望

- 瀏覽器及錢包服務和平臺概念

東京--(美國商業資訊)--Mobile Factory, Inc.(以下稱為“Mobile Factory”;總部:東京品川區;行政總裁:Yuji Miyajima)(TOKYO: 3912)在截至2018年1月19日的財務報告中宣佈開始開發「區塊鏈相關服務」。我們在此提供關於該項目的概述及未來展望。



關於Mobile Factory在截至2018年1月19日財務報告中宣佈開始開發的「區塊鏈相關服務」,目前公司正針對三階段發佈做準備,研發工作也在進展中。

  1. 包含加密貨幣錢包功能且與手機相容的瀏覽器,暫定名稱為“pochi”
  1. 應用平臺,暫定名稱為“uniqys”
  1. “uniqys”上的遊戲



  • 單次交易費用過高
  • 多數遊戲的設計都無法在流動環境(如智慧手機)中運行
  • 開發人員進入的壁壘較高,主要因素包括創建開發環境及學習獨特的程式設計語言等



  1. 包含加密貨幣錢包功能且與手機相容的瀏覽器,暫定名稱為“pochi”
    加密貨幣交易在全球快速擴張。根據日本金融廳(Financial Services Agency)的研究,截至2018年3月底,全球以太坊錢包數量已超過3200萬(來自金融廳於2018年4月10日發佈的「加密貨幣交易產業研究小組(首次會議)」議程)。
  1. 應用平臺,暫定名稱為“uniqys”
  1. “uniqys”上的遊戲








Mobile Factory, Inc.
Risa Hirata


Thu, 26 Apr 2018 14:55:00


中國三門--(美國商業資訊)--西屋電氣公司(Westinghouse Electric Company)、中國國家核電技術公司(SNPTC)和中核集團三門核電有限公司(SMNPC)今天宣佈,位於中國浙江三門的全球首台AP1000核電機組已獲得中國國家核安全局(NNSA)的燃料裝載許可,並已開始首次裝料。

西屋總裁兼執行長José Emeterio Gutiérrez表示:「我們今天達到西屋和AP1000核電技術的巨大里程碑。這是向客戶提供的世界首台AP1000核電機組所取得的又一重大進展,它向全世界展示了我們先進的被動安全技術的優勢。」


西屋新建專案業務資深副總裁David Durham表示:「這一重大專案里程碑代表三門1號機組最後調試計畫的開始。我有信心,我們的團隊將在三門、海陽和Vogtle專案中,以及在對全球正在運行的核電群的持續支持中,繼續發揮出最高水準。」

亞洲區總裁Gavin Liu認為,西屋公司與中國政府和供應商的合作關係是成功提供清潔能源的主要原因,他並表示:「西屋公司很榮幸能成為中國前瞻性核能計畫的合作夥伴,核電將為中國的經濟發展提供清潔的電力供應。透過技術轉讓、在地化和基礎設施開發,西屋將繼續與中國合作夥伴合作,支持中國核能工業的發展。」




Sarah Cassella, +1 412-374-4744

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 13:51:00
Fossil Group與PUMA攜手進軍手錶和穿戴式裝置市場

德州理查森--(美國商業資訊)--Fossil Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: FOSL)與PUMA SE簽署全球授權合作協定,將共同設計、開發和分銷PUMA手錶和智慧型手錶直至2028年。

Fossil Group執行長Kosta Kartsotis表示:「PUMA是全世界首屈一指的運動品牌之一。我們很高興能夠與PUMA合作,將我們世界一流的設計和分銷能力帶入PUMA手錶系列。」

PUMA與Fossil Group將合作設計並製造PUMA品牌手錶和智慧型手錶,產品計畫於2019年上市。新產品將透過Fossil Group廣泛全球網路中的精選百貨公司、專賣店和電子商務通路銷售。

PUMA執行長Bjørn Gulden表示:「時間關係著運動員的成敗,因此,選擇合適的手錶和穿戴式裝置合作夥伴對我們的品牌特別重要。我們很高興能夠與注重創新的Fossil Group合作,這將有助於我們打造出符合消費者和全球最快速運動員需求的產品。」

Fossil Group於1997年與首個授權夥伴合作,自此之後,公司已將其品牌組合擴大至超過17個,現在包括PUMA品牌。許多世界知名品牌將Fossil Group視為計時器及配件的主要合作夥伴,這些計時器及配件目前包括300多種風格、14個品牌的穿戴式裝置,在50個國家以21種語言分銷。

關於 Fossil Group

Fossil Group是專精於生活配件全球設計、行銷、分銷和創新的公司。在多樣化的自有和授權品牌組合下,我們的產品包括時尚手錶、珠寶、手提包、小型皮革製品和穿戴式裝置。憑藉我們最新自有品牌Misfit,我們將風格和科技帶到相關高成長領域。我們致力於以自有品牌 Fossil、Michele、Misfit、Relic、Skagen和Zodiac,以及授權品牌Armani Exchange、Chaps、Diesel、DKNY、Emporio Armani、Karl Lagerfeld、kate spade new york、Marc Jacobs、Michael Kors和Tory Burch提供最佳設計和創新。我們透過150個國家和超過550個零售地點的廣泛批發分銷網路為每個品牌故事增添活力。有關公司的某些新聞稿和證券交易委員會申報資料也可在www.fossilgroup.com上查閱。


PUMA是全球首屈一指的運動品牌之一,致力於設計、開發、銷售並行銷各種鞋類、服裝以及配件產品。超過65年來,PUMA已建立起為全世界最快速運動員進行快速產品設計的歷史。PUMA提供效能及運動啟發型生活用品,涉及足球、跑步和培訓、高爾夫以及賽車運動等類別。它與知名設計品牌通力合作,為運動界帶來創新快速的產品設計。PUMA集團旗下品牌包括:PUMA、Cobra Golf以及Dobotex。PUMA產品遠銷120多個國家和地區,全球共有逾11,000名員工,總部位於德國Herzogenaurach。欲瞭解更多資訊,請造訪:http://www.puma.com

Fossil Group, Inc.安全港聲明

本文包含的某些非歷史事實陳述構成1995年《私人證券訴訟改革法》定義的「前瞻性陳述」,涉及諸多風險和不確定性因素。該等前瞻性陳述中所述未來事件的實際結果可能與該等前瞻性陳述中所述結果大相逕庭。可能導致實際結果出現明顯差異的因素包括截至2017年12月30日會計年度的Form 10-K年度報告所述風險和不確定性因素,該表格須向證券交易委員會申報。該等前瞻性陳述根據我們目前對未來發展及我們所受潛在影響的預期和信念。管理層認為該等前瞻性陳述在編製時是合理的,但無法保證對我們產生影響的未來發展將符合預期。本新聞稿的讀者應在評估時考慮該等因素,並謹慎依賴本文所述前瞻性陳述。除非法律要求,公司無義務公開更新或修改任何前瞻性陳述,無論是由於新資訊、未來事件或其他原因。

原文版本可在businesswire.com上查閱: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180424006561/en/



Fossil Group, Inc.
Fossil Group公共關係部:
Ann Jane Draper,214-498-4966

ICR, Inc.
Fossil Group投資人關係部:
Allison Malkin, 203-682-8225

PUMA SE企業傳播部
Agathe Zakarian,+49 9132 81 3165

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 13:48:00


倫敦--(美國商業資訊)--GSMA將於本週慶祝一年一度的國際電信聯盟(ITU)「國際資通訊年輕女性日」(International Girls in ICT Day),屆時將在全球舉辦一系列活動,旨在鼓勵和協助年輕女性探索在科學、科技、工程和數學(STEM)領域的就業機會,並幫助全球企業從更多女性加入科技領域中受益。2018年國際電信聯盟「國際資通訊年輕女性日」活動將於4月26日(週四)舉行,屆時GSMA的亞特蘭大、巴塞隆納、布魯塞爾、杜拜、香港、倫敦和奈洛比的當地辦事處將紛紛舉辦活動以示慶祝。

GSMA會長葛瑞德(Mats Granryd)表示:「GSMA很高興能夠連續第五年支持國際電信聯盟『國際資通訊年輕女性日』活動,邀請來自世界各地的年輕女性瞭解行動產業及更廣泛的資通訊科技領域可能存在之有價值的職業。行動產業未來的成功取決於能否吸引到有才華的女性,我們希望激勵新一代的年輕女性成為明日的業界領袖。」

GSMA將邀請來自布里奇學院(The Bridge Academy)的一群女孩到訪其位於倫敦的全球總部,參加由BT在其創新活動場地舉辦的活動,布里奇學院是倫敦哈克尼區的一所學校。女孩們將參加解決問題挑戰,並嘗試快速與科技業的成功女性建立人脈網絡。此次倫敦活動的演講嘉賓包括來自阿森納足球俱樂部(Arsenal FC)、劍橋大學、萬事達卡(Mastercard)和沃達豐的代表。


  • 亞特蘭大:北美團隊將與Cricket Wireless合作,捐贈含預付卡上網和簡訊套餐的手機給早先參加由ChickTeck Atlanta舉辦的程式設計研討會的女孩。


  • 巴塞隆納:GSMA西班牙辦事處已與西班牙電信(Telefónica)、WAYRA(西班牙電信Open Future創業加速器計畫)及世界移動大會之都巴塞隆納(Mobile World Capital Barcelona)合作,邀請當地年輕女性聆聽業界專家和企業家的報告,並參加實作設計和科技研討會。
  • 布魯塞爾:「國際資通訊年輕女性日」將成為本週在布魯塞爾舉行的Women4Tech活動的一部分,屆時歐盟委員會的高層領導人將發表演講。
  • 香港:當地GSMA辦公室將於4月28日(週六)舉辦由10名年輕女性參加的半天活動,教導她們如何程式設計,隨後還有多位嘉賓發表演講。
  • 杜拜:當地的GSMA代表將邀請年輕女性參觀多個國家資通訊科技部的辦公室,之後將造訪當地營運商,包括約旦的Umniah;蘇丹的MTN、Sudatel和Zain;以及突尼斯的Ooredoo、Orange和突尼斯電信(Tunisie Telecom)。
  • 奈洛比:GSMA當地辦事處將與當地的中小學合作舉辦「國際資通訊年輕女性日」活動,來自行動通訊和高科技產業的代表將出席。


參加國際電信聯盟「國際資通訊年輕女性日」等計畫的活動,彰顯行動產業致力於幫助達成聯合國永續發展目標(SDG)的承諾,特別是SDG 5(性別平等)、SDG 4(優質教育)、SDG 8(尊嚴勞動和經濟成長)和SDG 10(減少不平等)。

GSMA是二十國集團女性會議(Women 20, W20)的講題主持人,W20成員將在2018年G20阿根廷高峰會(G20 Argentina 2018 summit)召開之前,就性別平等和女性經濟賦權問題向G20成員國提供建議,G20阿根廷高峰會將於2018年11月30日至12月1日在布宜諾斯艾利斯舉行1

GSMA還透過其參與EQUALS計畫;GSMA心繫婦女 (Connected Women)方案;Women4Tech;在拉美實施的WeCare計畫;以及#BetterFuture活動,支持婦女及年輕女性獲得性別平等和機會。





1 https://www.gsma.com/newsroom/press-release/gsma-advances-comprehensive-agenda-digital-inclusion-women-ahead-g20-summit/




Beau Bass
+44 79 7662 4962

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 12:04:00
Jam City在App Store和Google Play上發布《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》


洛杉磯--(美國商業資訊)--總部位於洛杉磯的手機遊戲工作室Jam City今天宣布,新手遊《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》(Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery)現已在App Store和Google Play上可供下載。由Jam City與華納兄弟互動娛樂公司(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)合作開發的《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》是第一款可讓玩家建立自己的角色並體驗霍格華茲學生生活的手機遊戲。這款遊戲將以華納兄弟互動娛樂旗下的Portkey Games品牌發布,該品牌致力於以J·K·羅琳(J.K.Rowling)的原創故事為靈感,開發出可讓玩家以故事主角身分經歷奇異冒險的行動和電子遊戲新體驗。


Jam City共同創辦人兼執行長Chris DeWolfe表示:「行動娛樂公司極少有機會真正地把魔法帶入現實,來自世界各地的哈利波特迷們對我們的遊戲反應十分熱烈,我們為之感到非常高興。我們Jam City一直都在辛勤努力,以確保任何一位有抱負的女巫或男巫都可以透過他們的智慧型手機或平板電腦進入霍格華茲,開始他們的神奇之旅。」


在遊戲中為麥教授配音的Dame Maggie Smith表示:「參與製作《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》手機遊戲將會給我的孫子輩帶來巨大的樂趣。」

玩家們還能接觸到一些原著中的遊戲角色,比如赫夫帕夫(Hufflepuff)學院受歡迎的魔藥專家Penny,雷文克勞(Ravenclaw)學院有著反叛精神的惡作劇者Tulip,以及史萊哲林(Slytherin)學院擁有黑暗過去的Merula。隨著玩家逐步揭開霍格華茲的神秘面紗,他們也將探索熟悉的地點,如斜角巷(Diagon Alley)和活米村(Hogsmeade)等。

《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》是免費遊戲,用戶現在就可以透過App Store和Google Play在行動裝置上下載。欲瞭解有關《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》的更多詳情,或與其他哈利波特粉絲互動,請造訪www.facebook.com/HPHogwartsMystery/www.twitter.com/HogwartsMystery,更多資訊請造訪www.HarryPotterHogwartsMystery.com/

關於Jam City

Jam City是世界行動娛樂領域的領導者,為全球數百萬玩家提供社交遊戲體驗。Jam City由MySpace共同創辦人Chris DeWolfe和Aber Whitcomb以及20世紀福斯前高階主管Josh Yguado在2010年成立。Jam City是一些最暢銷和最持久的社交手遊系列產品背後的創意動力,包括Cookie Jam(Facebook年度最佳遊戲)和Panda Pop。Jam City是好萊塢的首選工作室,圍繞哈利波特、Family Guy、Marvel Avengers和Futurama等代表性娛樂品牌,開發了身臨其境、敘事豐富的手機遊戲。Jam City在洛杉磯(總部)、舊金山、聖地牙哥、西雅圖和布宜諾斯艾利斯共有500名員工。Jam City團隊以其在故事敘述、資料科學和受眾智慧等關鍵領域的卓越創造和技術創新而聞名。



關於Portkey Games

Portkey Games是來自華納兄弟互動娛樂公司的遊戲品牌,致力於以J·K·羅琳的原創故事為靈感,打造全新的魔法世界行動和電子遊戲體驗,讓玩家以故事主角身分經歷奇異冒險。Portkey Games讓玩家可以自己做出敘事選擇,在魔法世界的設定下去發現新的獨特體驗。該品牌旨在為玩家和粉絲帶來全新的遊戲體驗,讓他們身臨其境地投身到魔法世界中,創造屬於自己的魔幻故事。


哈利波特仍然是一個全球現象。作者J.K. Rowling的七本書中的每一本都打破了銷售紀錄,該系列迄今已在全球銷售超過5億冊,被翻譯成了80多種語言。由華納兄弟影業公司(Warner Bros. Pictures)製作的哈利波特電影迄今的全球票房收入已超過77億美元,使哈利波特成為歷史上票房最高的電影之一。

Jam City開發的《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》軟體版權所有者©2018 Jam City, Inc.。Jam City®和Jam City標誌是Jam City, Inc.的註冊商標和/或未註冊商標。魔法世界(WIZARDING WORLD)、《哈利波特》和《怪獸與牠們的產地》(FANTASTIC BEASTS)版權所有者 為J·K·羅琳。PORTKEY GAMES、HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS MYSTERY、WIZARDING WORLD、HARRY POTTER和FANTASTIC BEASTS中角色、名稱和相關標記的商標和版權所有者為華納兄弟娛樂公司。保留所有權利。

WB GAMES標誌和WB SHIELD:商標和版權所有者華納兄弟娛樂公司(s18)


60 秒影片新聞發布高畫質影片

90 秒影片新聞發布 高畫質影片

B-ROLL 套件 - 高畫質影片




代表Jam City
Sarah Ross, 310-924-1404

Jam City
Kenny Johnston, 602-999-1890

ONE PR Studio(在美國代表Jam City)
Kjell Vistad | Gilberto Williams-Gamboa

立即暢玩《哈利波特:霍格華茲之謎》吧! www.HarryPotterHogwartsMystery.com/(圖片:美國商業資訊)

Thu, 26 Apr 2018 11:53:00
Rimini Street推出全新解決方案,進一步延長作為創新基礎的企業軟體的使用壽命並擴展其價值


拉斯維加斯--(美國商業資訊)--全球企業軟體產品和服務提供者、甲骨文和SAP產品領先的協力廠商支援服務提供者Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI)今日宣布推出旨在提升企業組織競爭優勢的一系列解決方案中的首款產品,對於這些企業組織而言,其成熟且有價值的企業軟體投資可構成創新基礎。Rimini Street的全新解決方案可幫助企業組織以具有成本效益的方式快速地賦予其當前的企業軟體最新的、現代化的所期特性和功能,為他們規劃適用於未來的、因應未知技術變化的技術平臺,以及確保其系統免受日新月異的威脅環境的影響。Rimini Street新推出的解決方案使企業能夠利用其現有系統作為創新的混合IT策略的堅實基礎。

此新聞稿包含多媒體內容。完整新聞稿可在以下網址查閱: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180424006173/en/


隨著企業組織在現有的任務關鍵型企業軟體系統中投入了大量的資金、人力和時間,他們希望盡可能提高投資報酬率並延長這些投資的生命週期,同時將新的投資重點放在能夠快速推動成長和競爭優勢的創新方面。Rimini Street的可擴展解決方案旨在為現有成熟的企業軟體系統提供具有成本效益且易於部署的功能和技術能力,以幫助企業實現上述目標,進而讓資訊長們能夠快速推動並利用創新,而無需進行成本高昂的停機升級、成本無法負擔的更換,或者可能需要等待供應商數年才能提供目前所需的功能。

Rimini Street新推出的可擴展解決方案系列還能為企業組織的混合IT策略奠定基礎,這種策略旨在將現有成熟的內部部署的記錄系統與可能包含雲端構架創新技術的參與系統相結合。所述創新可透過改用Rimini Street屢獲殊榮的支援服務計畫所節省的資金予以實現。

Rimini Street全新推出的可擴展解決方案系列中的首批產品包括:

  • Rimini Street Mobility – 使用戶能夠在幾天內快速建立並傳遞行動應用程式,從而以最快的速度實現價值並且不會造成業務中斷。所有現有的流程、客製和邏輯均完全可用,因此無需進行軟體版本移轉或升級。


  • Rimini Street Analytics – 憑藉具有成本效益、可快速部署和易於實作的自助式商業智慧平臺,讓用戶能夠在整個企業內更快地做出更明智的決策。用戶可連接並分析多來源資料,以即時建立自己的自訂報告和儀表板。
  • Rimini Street Advanced Database Security – 這種下一代安全解決方案可在資料庫漏洞攻擊目標之前識別並攔截試圖利用這些漏洞的行為,且無需對資料庫程式碼進行任何更改。Rimini Street的Advanced Database Security已於2017年推出。

Constellation Research首席分析師兼執行長R ‘Ray’ Wang表示:「當今IT產業的客戶希望透過當前的企業軟體平臺實現更大的價值,並長期尋求能夠幫助他們實現平臺現代化的方案,從而無需進行昂貴且無休止的升級。而且,領先企業也在尋求敏捷性和競爭優勢,以實現企業目標。這項全新標準的軟體支援服務有助於他們實現這些目標,並讓客戶能夠利用其企業軟體投資,並獲得最高的投資報酬率。」



Rimini Street Mobility透過提供業界最佳的行動框架來因應這些挑戰,該框架旨在幫助終端使用者快速、輕鬆地建立自己的行動功能。Rimini Street Mobility可降低通行企業應用程式所需的成本,並可將開發和交付新應用程式所需的時間從數月縮短至數日,從而為組織帶來速效方案。


越來越多的組織開始轉由分析軟體來支援其部門終端使用者的需求,讓他們能夠輕而易舉地即時獲得可行的資料情報。這些組織的使用者需要的是易用性、與所有設備相容,以及簡化報告資料的能力。但是,企業軟體供應商目前可提供的方案可能需要較高的授權費用,部署費時,而且通常僅限於單一資料來源。Rimini Street Analytics讓組織及其最終使用者能夠以具有成本效益的方式採購,快速安裝,以及快速取得商業情報解決方案,讓他們能夠從多個資料來源提取資料,包括企業應用程式、資料庫或雲端解決方案。

Rimini Street Advanced Database Security

Rimini Street Advanced Database Security也是可擴展解決方案組合的組成部分。該產品於2017年推出,是保護資料庫免受已知和未知漏洞攻擊的下一代資料庫安全解決方案,而且歸功於現代虛擬修補的使用,比傳統供應商的安全修補速度更快、價格更低,可用於與Rimini Street簽訂支援服務合約的甲骨文、SAP、IBM和Microsoft資料庫。該解決方案可在資料庫受到攻擊之前阻止攻擊嘗試,無需進行回歸測試,也不會影響生產系統。

Rimini Street計畫隨著時間的演變持續推展其可擴展解決方案的範圍和廣度。此外,該公司還提供深層次的技術服務組合,透過解決互通性問題,以及避免硬體、作業系統、資料庫、中介軟體和瀏覽器的不必要升級,讓客戶能夠進一步針對未來規劃現有系統。

Color Spot資訊長Eric Robinson表示:「八年多的時間裡,Rimini Street一直是值得我們信賴的企業軟體支援供應商,在此期間,我們不僅為自己的核心平臺贏得回應超快的優質支援服務,而且每年還為我們的維護總成本節省了大量預算。但是,Rimini Street並不滿足於只是解決故障/修復問題。他們增加了新的維度,提供可快速擴展我們ERP所需的行動性和分析功能的解決方案,而且全都不需要進行昂貴的升級。我們期待在探尋這些新功能的同時,繼續實現業務現代化並贏得競爭優勢。」

Rimini Street執行長Seth A. Ravin表示:「客戶一直在尋找簡單、經濟實惠、簡化且能夠在企業應用程式組合中安全執行的解決方案,而且無需升級或更換當前投入的企業軟體,即可獲得新的現代應用程式功能和技術方面的好處。而我們的解決方案可確保讓企業現有的應用程式實現現代化,其技術能夠免受未來變化的影響,其系統由創新的安全解決方案提供保護。現有的企業軟體投資可作為混合IT策略的基礎多年,這種策略透過『以擴展促進創新』提供競爭優勢——所有這一切都能得到Rimini Street屢獲殊榮的支援服務計畫的支援。」


Rimini Street為所有的可擴展解決方案提供極具吸引力的組合價格和年度訂購價格。Rimini Street Mobility、Rimini Street Analytics和Rimini Street Advanced Database Security均即日起供應。

關於Rimini Street, Inc.

Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI)是全球領先的企業軟體產品和服務提供者,也是甲骨文和SAP軟體產品協力廠商支援服務的主要供應商。自2005年以來,該公司以屢獲殊榮的創新服務方案重新定義了企業軟體支援服務,該方案使IBM、微軟、甲骨文、SAP和其他軟體經銷商的授權持有企業可以節省高達90%的總支援成本。客戶至少可在15年內繼續使用其現有軟體版本,無需進行任何升級。各行各業超過1,560家全球性組織、財星雜誌500大企業、中型企業、公共事業部門和其他機構都選擇Rimini Street作為其信賴的協力廠商支援供應商。如需詳情,請造訪https://www.riministreet.com,透過@riministreet在Twitter上關注我們,並透過FacebookLinkedIn掌握我們的最新動態。(C-RMNI)


本新聞稿中的某些聲明並非是歷史事實,而是《1995年私人證券訴訟改革法》安全港條款所定義的前瞻性陳述。前瞻性陳述通常含有以下詞語:「可能」、「應」、「會」、「計畫」、「打算」、「預期」、「認為」、「估計」、「預測」、「潛在」、「似乎」、「尋求」、「繼續」、「未來」、「將」、「預計」、「展望」或其他類似詞語、片語或表述。這些前瞻性陳述包括但不限於有關公司2018年第一季和全年營收指引、行業、未來事件、未來機會和成長倡議、Rimini Street總目標市場以及客戶節省預期的陳述。這些陳述根據不同的假設以及管理階層當前的預期,並非是對實際業績的預測,也不是歷史事實。這些陳述取決於與Rimini Street業務有關的多個風險和不確定性因素,包括但不限於,Rimini Street營運業務環境的變化,包括通膨和利率以及影響Rimini Street所在產業的一般性金融、經濟、監管和政治條件;不利的訴訟進展或政府調查;與公司訴訟有關的甲骨文退還資金的最終金額和時間;利用有利的條件對現有債務進行再融資的能力;稅收、政府法律和法規的變化;競爭產品和定價活動;無法實現獲利性成長;Rimini Street管理團隊損失一名或多名成員;RMNI普通股長期價值存在不確定性;以及Rimini Street於2018年3月15日呈報的Form 10-K年報所列標題「風險因素」項下所討論的內容(Rimini Street的Form 10-Q季報、Form 8-K現況報告會不時地對這些內容進行更新),以及公司向美國證券交易委員會提交的其他文件。某些Rimini Street可能已知但認為並非很重要的某些風險,可能會造成實際業績與前瞻性陳述所描述的內容發生重大偏差。此外,前瞻性陳述僅代表本新聞稿發布之日Rimini Street的預期、計畫或對未來事件的預測和觀點。Rimini Street預計後續事件和發展將導致Rimini Street的評估發生變化。然而,儘管Rimini Street可能會在未來某個時間點選擇更新這些前瞻性陳述,但Rimini Street特別聲明,公司沒有這方面義務。這些前瞻性陳述不應被看作代表Rimini Street在本新聞稿發布之日後任何日期的觀點。

© 2018 Rimini Street, Inc.版權所有。Rimini Street是Rimini Street, Inc.在美國和其他國家的註冊商標,Rimini Street、Rimini Street標誌和兩者之間的任意組合以及其他帶有TM標記的標誌均為Rimini Street, Inc.的商標。所有其他商標仍是其各自所有者的財產。除非另行說明,Rimini Street與此類商標所有者或本新聞稿中所提到的其他公司沒有任何從屬、代言或結盟關係。 




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